Cities around America maintain sirens to warn of weather emergencies, alert firefighters, and in a different age warn against nuclear attacks. This siren in Battle Creek makes an incredibly ominous sound.

The siren which is a 'Thunderbolt' design made by Federal Signal spins in 360 degrees as it emits its warning tone. According to Siren Wiki,

These sirens were originally used by the Civil Defense Corp. for nuclear procedures, but were eventually used for fire stations and weather warnings, as well as "noon whistles".

This Battle Creek siren, uploaded to YouTube by wolvesone, is apparently wired in reverse causing it to emit a very odd tone.

Mendon Thurderbolt Siren

Another Thunderbolt siren, down the road in Mendon, is how a proper Thunderbolt is supposed to sound. Now which is more terrifying?

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