Those who know me know I love tacos. Promise me tacos when asking for my help with anything and I am sure to say yes 99% of the time. Same can be said for authentic, homemade pierogis. So when I heard about two Polish cafes (one in Detroit, the other in Hamtramck) putting pierogi tacos on their menus for the summer, I started breathing heavily.

Polish Village Cafe in Hamtramck and Pietrzyk Pierogi make these specialty tacos using a pierogi as the taco shell, then stuff it with all things kielbasa, kapusta, and all other things Polish. Hand held Polish food. I think they might be on to something here. You think the good people and Chau Haus would take a stab at their own version? Or perhaps they'll take page from their book and make a schnitzel taco with spaetzle and warm potato salad. Great. Now I'm hungry.

Since a trip to Detroit or Hamtramck don't seem to be in my near future, and it's been way too long since I was on a homemade pierogi assembly line, I think I'll have to stick with good ole Mrs. T's to try these pierogi tacos in the safety of my own home. But since this is a fusion dish, should I still serve chips and salsa to my dinner guests, or just make sure there's kolachki for dessert?

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