People need to learn that there posted signs up in certain areas for important reasons. But the most ignored sign of them all has to be the "Do Not Feed Squirrels" sign. But this classic sign may have been misinterpreted over the years, as the Berkley Police Department has recently put out another warning with the sign that has a completely different meaning:

A stern reminder. It is illegal to play Yahtzee with squirrels in the City of Berkley. If you are going to engage in this type of despicable behavior, please cross Woodward into Royal Oak. The Royal Oak Police Department even allows playing Uno with squirrels, so obviously anything goes there. It is a well known fact that squirrels cheat.

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The Royal Oak Police Department was quick to respond, posting a picture of a blue reverse UNO card and replying:

.....and just like that the Squirrels become your problem again.

The Berkley Police took the L and admitted:

You have to get up pretty early in the afternoon to trick the Royal Oak Police Department

One of the residents of Berkley Stephen S was particularly appreciative of the good work of the police department:

This is extremely important information. Thank you for keeping our community safe.

Now there are a slew of people wanting to go to Royal Oak and play novelty games with the wildlife, which may not end the way they want it to. At least the departments have a sense of humor.

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