There are so many unique restaurants in Michigan that deserve special recognition but one in particular that I personally feel is the greatest restaurant that has ever been born and bred in the state.

When I was a little kid usually once a year, we would go to a restaurant that I think everybody needs to visit at least once. Sign of the Beefcarver in Royal Oak is an incredible restaurant that’s located off Woodward Avenue, and there is something about this place that just hits home.
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The concept is pretty simple with a college lunchroom type of vibe where you walk in and immediately start loading up your tray with things like salads, Jell-O, and puddings, and then make your way to the roast beef that is piping, hot and freshly sliced for your plate, then you move on to the sides including vegetables, rolls, macaroni and cheese and so much more. If you've ever seen the lunchroom scene in National Lampoon's Animal House, you know what I'm talking about.
You basically just get to create your own meal, pay for it, sit down, and immediately start eating. It’s one of the few restaurants that is still around from when I was a kid and is still just as amazing as it was back then.
The original location in Dearborn has been closed for some time, but Woodward still thrives today. I’m curious to know what your favorite childhood restaurants are, if they're still around or, if they've already closed down, what some of your favorite memories of them are.

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