There have been so many times on TV and in film that actors and actresses have represented Michigan sports in one form or another. The latest star to rep Michigan is Bert Kreischer, who is currently on tour for The Fully Loaded Comedy Festival. On June 22nd, he'll be performing at the home of the Traverse City Pit Spitters, Turtle Creek Stadium on June 22nd.

This may be why in the most recent episode of his YouTube series, Something’s Burning, Bert can be seen wearing a Pit Spitters Hat. You can check out the video below. He's apparently worn a Kalamazoo Growlers hat on the show as well:

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On this episode of Something’s Burning, Tiffany Haddish and Ryan Sickler sit down in my kitchen to chat about stealing food, harvesting eggs, and wig-wearing. Oh, and I make shrimp and grits with a crab cake topper. We also do a homemade vs store-bought hummus challenge AND talk about ALL our upcoming projects.

Michigan In Pop Culture

We've seen so many uses of our sports teams that I've gathered a small list. But if you can think of any I missed let me know!

I do, I do, I  do, I do, I do- ew!


Who remembers when SNL and Nickelodeon star Kenan Thompson wore a Gordie Howe sweater on Kenan & Kel?

Yer My Hero

One of the most infamous Gordie Howe Sweaters or Detroit sports jerseys worn in any film came from Cameron played by Alan Ruck in Ferris Bueller's Day Off

One For The Scrubs

Dr Syl
Dr Syl

In the episode "My Catalyst" Dr. Perry Cox (John C. McGinley) wears a Detroit Red Wings jersey

Sup Preppy?


Remember Mark Gosselaar from Saved By The Bell? Well as Paul Johnson in the show Mixed-ish he and his family often wear Red Wings sweaters.


The Perihelion 0-(^_^0) YouTube
The Perihelion 0-(^_^0) YouTube

I don't think we need to tell you how much Tim Allen loves Michigan schools or sports.

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