One of the many issues that have come to the forefront is the racial sensativity as it relates to sports team names and confederate flags & statues.  Even more, some other issues that don't immediately seem to fit into an obvious category have also been brought to light.

There have been questions raised as to military fort names and other statues of both American and world historical figures such as Christopher Columbus.  For better or worse these names and physical memorials are being investigated for their conection to racism, genocide and other historical atrocities and inherent beliefs.

No matter what side you're on, this is a movement that will continue.  If it brings people together, creates more understanding and heals hearts many people in this country will consider all of the upheaval well worth it.

Lately, some people have criticised the extent to which investigations go to determine a prejudice or racial belief inherant in an individule or object.  So when I heard about the Big Boy mascot statues being replaced I had to ask why.

Turns out the Big Boy chain will switch to using "Dolly" a female mascot that's been part of the brand since the 1950s.  She'll be used to kick off the latest menu item the "cluckin' good" chicken sandwich they want to compete with Popeye's.

Big Boy management made it a point to say: "The switch in franchise faces has nothing to do with the nationwide push to remove offensive names, statues and logos. The change was strictly business."

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