Our neighbors across the lake have put Michigan's winter wonderland to shame with a snowman that's three times as tall as those making news in Michigan.

Do you want to build a snowman?

You may have seen a couple of stories on TV and on social media this week about giant snowmen in Michigan. An Upper Peninsula family in Marquette built a nearly 12' tall giant snowman in their front yard. His name is Carl. Not to be outdone, a Holland landscaper spent about ten hours and made a massive 13' tall snowman that stands next to the curb. This pair of wintery wonders got some media attention and eyeballs on social media, with their eyes made out of coal.

This is where it gets embarrassing.

Wisconsin has a super-sized snowman more than three times taller. Craig Carlson of Carlson Construction in the small town of Milltown in northwestern Wisconsin fabricated a 19' snowman in 2019. He and the family had so much fun, they nearly doubled the size of their frozen formation to make a 32-footer in 2020. Presently, a 44' Frosty with arms made from actual trees stands alongside the roadway. (Technically, the snow-monster is 40' without his  4' top hat.) Look closely, and you'll see that the pipe is made from a 5-gallon bucket. Traffic literally stops to admire this marvel of Wisconsin winter.

Side Note: In case you were wondering, this is, by far, not the largest snowman ever created. The Guinness World Record for Largest Snowperson was set in Bethel, Maine in 2008 with a 122' lady of winter- only a few feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty.

Back to the business at hand: How can we let these cheeseheads win winter? Michigan is the winter wonderland. Who is going to step up and help reclaim the title?

Do you want to build a snowman?

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