A lot of people look forward to the Seelye Ford Mustang Club show every year. This Saturday's show is no exception. Here are my 5 Favorite Mustangs.

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    This colt-genius burst on the scene in 2008 and was leaps and bounds above the rest his age in just that; leaps and bounds. Some say he peaked two years later, but a comeback is in the works for 2018.

    Jeremy Woodhouse/ThinkStock
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    Nauti Buoy

    A compromise between his married owners arguing over whether they should get a boat or a horse, Nauti Buoy is a people pleaser. Having gotten help for what he thought was split personality disorder, NB regularly attends retreats geared toward finding yourself and your unique purpose.

    Scott Lewis/ThinkStock
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    Since 2012, Astaroth has gone by his identity in the popular horse RPG game Daredevil the Masquerade. Only his mother is allowed to call him Gregg.

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    Taylor Neighgron

    In his time off the plains, Taylor Neighgron works the stable circuit, honing his routine in the hopes of getting a one-hour special on Barnflix. He's quoted as saying, "Take my wife, if horses had a system of coupling leading to a legal, binding contract."

    Adam Taylor/ThinkStock
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    Confirmed bachelor, Steve, doesn't share his last name with anyone, especially those he meets through the grazing app "Tack". He enjoys long walks on the beach, a trough built for two, and a riding crop every now and then.

    Scott Lewis/ThinkStock