Six years after leaving British New Wave of British Metal icons Iron Maiden as a result of overwhelming tension and a desire to explore new pastures, singer Bruce Dickinson was back in the band in February 1999.

Since much of the animosity had grown between the frontman and band leader Steve Harris, the return had looked unlikely – but reports say that as soon as the pair met face-to-face, all of their issues faded away.

There was more good news for fans: Along with Dickinson, classic-era guitarist Adrian Smith was also back in the fold, and his replacement, Janick Gers, was staying on. The prospect of a six-man lineup seemed promising, and indeed over the past two decades Iron Maiden have become bigger than they ever were before.

Yet the prolific output of material has not been limited to the Iron Maiden construct. While the band has produced an amazing amount of work in the past 20 years, the individual members of the group have also found time to pursue other projects. In some cases, this meant contributing to other artists' music; in others, it meant venturing into new industries - like TV shows, restaurants and beer-making.

Then there's the case of Dickinson. A potential Olympic-level sword fencer who preferred to follow his musical ambitions, the singer has long been a type of modern renaissance man. His many hobbies and business ventures have resulted in a broad range of projects. No surprise, considering Intelligent Life once named him one of the Top 5 living polymaths.

Below, we present some of the most notable adventures Dickson and his bandmates have undertaken -- both together and separately -- since he rejoined Maiden.

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