For a long time, Detroit has been known as one of the most popular sports cities in the country. And although there is a massive fanbase and love for the city of Detroit and its teams, there has been a serious issue over the last decade and a half about Detroit teams producing any kind of results.

We’ve seen the Tigers come close to a World Series and choke completely. Now, the Tigers are already a threat to having a worse season than their 2003 119-loss season.

We’ve seen the complete fall from grace the Detroit Red Wings had, from having one of the longest playoff streaks in NHL history to barely making it into the playoffs the last 15 years.

Half of the time I don’t even realize the Detroit Pistons are even team because they are nowhere close to becoming a competitor.

So who can save Detroit from being completely irrelevant?

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Amazingly enough, the answer is the most unlikely I can even muster: It’s the Detroit Lions.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
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Defending The Den

The Detroit Lions this last season proved, to me at least but I also feel to many fans, that they are now able to go out and win important games. With an excellent draft position in the 2023 draft and solid off-season moves, it now appears that the Detroit Lions may be a competitor in the upcoming season and, dare I say, make the playoffs and make a run.

2022 NHL Draft - Round One
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Trust The Captain

Another factor we have to put into perspective is Steve Yzerman. I’m sure a lot of fans feel that his return has been a bit lackluster, but I think with Steve Yzerman you have to remember he’s all about the long game.

Think of how long he spent with the Detroit having the team built around him piece by piece until finally won multiple championships.

With the Red Wings, I think it’s going to take a little bit longer but ultimately they will be back in the playoff picture within the next three years and compete for at least a conference championship.

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers
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Use Your Power

I think another thing that can save Detroit sports as well, is the fans. If the fans start showing up, or more importantly, not showing up for these games and refusing to pay expensive tickets for a losing team over and over and over again, management will see no need to change anything. Remember the fans are the ones providing the financial stability of the team. If you stand up and put your foot down, change will eventually come.

What do you think it’s going to take for Detroit to bounce back to be a major player again?

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