Banana pancakes with maple syrup

According to a recent survey of American adults by the New York Post, Americans are lacking in even the basics of cookery. Here are some of the simple foods and the percentage of people who said they could confidently make them:

  • Scrambled Eggs - 63%
  • Hamburgers - 62%
  • Grilled Cheese - 58%
  • Mashed Potatoes - 58%
  • Rice - 56%
  • Mac and Cheese - 54%
  • Pancakes or Waffles - 53%
  • Omelets - 52%
  • Tacos - 52%



We asked you if you think you could confidently cook those nine items, and here are just some of the highlights of what you had to say:


Todd K: Rookies from the Taco Bell Generation! I can make those plus about 200 other dishes. RISE!

Mark L: When I was 6...

Annette Marie S: All and many more. I cook from scratch and not a box.

Jacob R: Gnocchi, Szechuan Chicken (No packets or pre-made sauce), Rouladen, Fish tacos, Stuffed Peppers, Brisket, Ribs, homemade Pizza Dough, Brown or Red gravy Beef Roast, Meatballs and Beer (Stouts, IPA and Porters) are on the list of things know how to make. I can also drive Stick shift, change my own oil, brake pad. Although i have no idea how this "Dabbing" thing works, the adolescent dancing thing not the weed thing.

...of course, Jacob R. never said whether or not he could scramble an egg.

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