It's amazing what you can find online when you're not looking for it.  Earlier, I found out what a national publication decided was Michigan's Grossest Food.  You can click on the bar below if you don't know already.  Anyway, I came across on of those online quizzes that gives you the weird world record then challenges you to name the state who holds it.  For instance, which state had the most people crammed into a VW Beetle; one of the oldest world record attempted feats.  That state is Kentucky.  Then there's what state had the largest gathering of people wearing duct tape?  That would be Tennessee.

So what about Michigan?  How weird do you think the world record is?  Well, lets start with the actual world record which is 3,734.  It was set in 2017 at the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center in Ypsilanti.  If you guessed the world record for people dressed as Rosie The Riveter you'd be right and a little weird for knowing that.  Check out the rest of the weird world records by clicking HERE.

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