Theatres have been hit hard by this outbreak. Cancelling shows isn't just disappointing for fans, it's devastating to the venue. A lot of historic theatres around the country face uncertainty. Will they be able to reopen when this outbreak is behind us? Will bands, artists, live performances have revenue left to be supported? All of this uncertainty hasn't stop some of the most historic marquees from spreading some love and a little humor.

A video montage has been making the rounds of theatre marquees' "away messages," if you will, and the Kalamazoo State Theatre just happens to be one of them. Sandwiched somewhere between "Keep Calm & Wash Your Hands," and "Gone Fishing" is our gem. This video was created by the League of Historic Theatres, whose aim it is to, quote, "provide goods, services and expertise to the historic theatre industry; and individual subscribers whose philanthropic contributions also support historic theatres across the continent."

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