Everything you need to know to experience one of the Cereal City's hottest summer festivals. Soak up atmosphere of the tropics right here in Southwest Michigan.

Although Michigan and the United States are opening up again and lifting Coronavirus restrictions, you may not be ready to travel internationally. No passport is required for a trip to the Caribbean as Battle Creek welcomes back the Caribbean Festival at Kellogg Arena. Read on for all the answers to all of your imaginary travel questions.

What do I wear to the Caribbean Festival?

If you want to be daring and show off that summer shape, you could wear a grass skirt and coconut bra. A sarong affords a looser fit, or you could go with a comfortable mumu if you want to dress in the traditional, island style.

If you are sensitive to cultural appropriation, you could always just dress like a big, dumb American tourist with a Hawaiian shirt and khaki cargo shorts. See if you can find an old camera the size of a lunch box to hang around your neck.

What kind of food will they have?

Caribbean cuisine is flavorful and sometimes spicy. Prepare to level up your taste buds and be sure to pace yourself to make the most of your visits to these seven food vendors.

  1. Jamaican Spice
  2. Caribbean Chill & Grill
  3. Irie Occasion- Flavors of Jamaica
  4. Island Style BBQ
  5. VeggZ Cafe
  6. Red Line BBQ Smokehouse
  7. Fox Pizza Den

 Will there be music and dancing?

Music is the pulse of the islands. The Battle Creek Caribbean Festival has four acts booked to provide entertainment: Kojo, Gizzae, Flex Crew, and MC Assane. Be prepared for a spontaneous limbo contest to break out at any time.

What other vendors will be on hand?

Shop Caribbean crafts from these eight vendors who will bring the island culture and gifts to Kellogg Arena.

  1. Moh’s Jamaican Ting
  2. Bling Me Out
  3. Henna Art by Ang & Face Painting
  4. Crafty Jenny
  5. Te Na Cious Style Clothing
  6. Dia Doug Glass
  7. Karma Fine Jewelry
  8. West Michigan Jewels of Africa

Caribbean Conversation Starters- Fun Facts about the islands

The Caribbean region is what’s called an archipelago, made up of around 700 islands, islets, reefs and caves. Only 2% of the islands are inhabited by people.

Parts of all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies were, indeed, filmed here.

The James Bond film Dr. No filmed on location in Jamacia.

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Experience a bit of the island culture of the Caribbean right here in Southwest Michigan at the Battle Creek Caribbean Festival July 17.

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