Get your passport and vaccine card ready for a big night of music from the decade of big hair. Three big 1980s hard rock bands are playing Caesar's Windsor. 

Concerts are back and this is a big one for big '80s fans. Skid Row, Warrant, and Winger will be together on one night only at Caesars Windsor casino just across the Detroit River.

  • Live to Rock Tour
  • Skid Row | Warrant | Winger
  • Jan 20th, 2022 |  8pm
  • The Collaseum | Caesars Windsor
  • Tickets: Starting at $28 Canadian

Who is going to be at the concert?

Skid Row: "18 and Life," "I Remember You," and "Youth Gone Wild" put these New Jersey rockers on the scene in 1986, just a few short years before Nirvana's Nevermind changed everything.

Warrant: Another band with bad timing, Warrant was part of the later wave of hair bands, but "Cherry Pie" secured their place in rock history. "Down Boys" charted well for these guys and the power ballad "Heaven" was an MTV staple.

Winger: Beavis & Butthead killed their career by putting their loser friend Stuart in a Winger t-shirt. Kip carried a grudge for a long time but has since made up with Mike Judge. The classic lineup of the band is still intact.

How far is Windsor from Michigan?

It's a quick trip across the Ambassador Bridge or through the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. On one side you are in Detroit, Michigan USA, and the other in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. There's not even a language barrier.

Can Americans even get into Canada right now?

The United States and Canada opened the border in November to fully vaccinated travelers. You will need to be fully vaccinated (plus 14 days) and provide proof to get into Canada. Caesars Windsor casino will want to see your vaccine card and identification to prove that you are at least 19 years old.

Do I need Canadian money?

Only if you want to gamble at the casino. Look for a kiosk on the gaming floor to make the easy conversion.

Can I see this show anywhere else?

Nope. Skid Row is off to Las Vegas to open for the Scorpions' residency, Warrant has their own gigs booked to mark the 30th anniversary of "Cherry Pie," and Kip Winger has more solo shows scheduled and a few select band concerts so far in 2022.

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