We've had a lot of stories this week about thing that can do you harm.  From vaping to guns to mosquitoes.  I never thought we'd also have to include chickens.  Granted, we've had problems with recalled chicken from stores and people getting violent because they couldn't get a Popeye's chicken sandwich.  Now we have to worry about chickens themselves?

wzzm13.com reported a story regarding the Center For Disease Control and Prevention or CDC has issued a warning about contracting salmonella from live chickens.  Apparently, many people have taken to raising chickens in their backyard; perhaps for fresh eggs or to simply raise them cage-free for better results.  Over a thousand cases have been reported so far this year and many are children.  Poultry owners are advised to wash their hands thoroughly after handling the birds and not to snuggle with them or kiss them!  I thought chickens didn't have lips!!!



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