You win the Stanley Cup and of course you want to celebrate.  It looks like the champion Washington Capitals have had a little too much fun with the cup this summer. 

According to the story from M-Live,  the Hockey Hall of Fame have asked the team to stop doing keg stands with the cup.

They're afraid that the legendary hockey trophy could be damaged.  Capitals star Alex Ovechkin has been seen thorough out the summer partying hard with the trophy.

The hall isn't totally against keg stands they just don't want anybody putting weight on the cup.

Now that the regular season is almost here the partying will probably wind down but we'll see moving forward how teams act when celebrating with the cup.

The Capitals won the cup beating the first year Vegas Golden Knights 4 games to 1 back in June.

The title defense begins for the Washington Capitals on October 3rd against the Boston Bruins.

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