A few weeks back I discovered the band, Alestorm and their brand of Pirate Metal.  Another interesting band I discovered recently is Metalachi, they bill themselves as the first and only metal mariachi band.

I am not really familiar with mariachi music.  I think the most I ever listened to is the music that was featured in the movie, "Desperado" from Robert Rodriguez and the song his band, Chingon had in "Kill Bill: Volume 2".


Metalachi is a band that performs popular rock and metal songs in the style of mariachi music.   They have a couple albums out that feature their versions of songs from Ozzy, Guns n' Roses, Slayer, Led Zeppelin and one of my favorites, Faith No More.


It is a different take on some classics songs from hard rock and metal.   These guys are currently on tour with a couple of other interesting bands, Mac Sabbath and Okilly Dokilly.

Bonus Video: Fries On The Inside From Nick's Gyros-Foodamazoo Episode 5






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