When chef Michael McFarlen was on with us Friday, he told us about a cool event that's happening tomorrow at The Fire Hub on Kendall and Dickman in Battle Creek.  For those who've never been to The Fire Hub, it's one of the coolest looking buildings you'll ever see and be able to be in.  Firekeepers converted an actual historic firehouse and turned it into a 1st class restaurant.  But more than that, it's a food pantry that serves the area and goes further as it re-invents the "pantry" program.

Tomorrow at 11am, The Fire Hub will be hosting a "Chef's Manifesto" which is a chef-led project bringing together 440 chefs from 68 countries to explore how they can help deliver a sustainable, nutritious food system.  Obviously, there won't be 440 chefs but the handful there will be meeting with executives from Kellogg's to get input in order to expand the principle in our area.  Plus there will be a competition to see what they can cook with the ingredients found in the adjacent Kendall Street Food Pantry and garden.  It sounds like a great time and the public is welcome.  For more information click HERE.

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