Dating in 2024 is not an easy thing, and to be honest, the whole dating scene from the beginning of the pandemic shifted, which makes it even more difficult for people to find their match. One man has been facing his struggles in the dating world and is now ready to press charges to clear his good name, as he has been getting harassed, made fun of, and caused emotional distress because people think he is a trash person to date.

In a Facebook group meant for Chicago area residents to find one another and possibly make romantic connections, the 31-year-old Chicago area resident Nikko D’Ambrosio Plans are not only suing nearly 30 women including the group moderators, but also Meta and Facebook Properties, Patreon, GoFundMe, and AWDTSG Inc. according to WXYZ:

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D'Ambrosio claims the character assassination began in November when one defendant he had gone on a few dates with earlier in the year posted his photo to the page along with "false and defamatory" statements about him, then deleted it and reposted it anonymously after he reached out to her.

What Did He Do So Wrong?

One woman who allegedly dated him briefly said in a Facebook post that they met organically in Chicago 2 1/2 months ago, and that Nikko was very clingy, very fast, and flaunted money very awkwardly. Allegedly, he kept talking about how his day did not want to see his bad side, especially when he was on business calls.

Another woman alleged that after taking the next step with him, he completely disappeared:

I went out with him a few times just over a year ago, he told me what I wanted to hear until I slept with him and then he ghosted... I’d steer clear

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