The story is from Massachusetts, but we know there are innumerable potholes in Michigan. This guy got some attention by planting tiny Christmas trees in them.

North Attleborough is about 30 miles form Boston, so they know what Winter is like. It's not even here yet, but the devastating potholes have arrived and are multiplying (sound familiar?). When Kevin Martin hit a succession of craters and ended up with four flat tires and a $600 car repair bill, he knew it was time to take action.

I know that I'm not the only person whose gotten flat tires from that area...I just, you know, I kind of was fed up I needed to make sure that it got fixed one way or another.

-Kevin Martin to NBC 10 News

Martin also reports he "previously tried to call the town and state about the pothole problems but had no luck." To be sure the problem got some attention this time, he planted tiny Christmas trees in the cavities. The idea struck when Martin walked into Home Depot and saw the trees on sale. They went into his cart, and then into the ground. It worked and the potholes were filled within days.

We've got more than a few potholes in Michigan, and if this is what it takes to get it fixed, I say we start spreading the holiday cheer right now and plant tiny Christmas trees in the worst potholes around. Now, where are they?

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