Everybody has seen the graphic image where the state of Michigan has just been replaced with a picture of a pothole as much as we joke around about how many potholes Michigan has. It does seem like every year we have a fifth season, which is specifically designated for construction.

Most of this construction seems to be ceiling massive potholes that open up in the ground. It’s starting to seem like these potholes. Keep opening up in the same areas, but we know dangerous ones can happen anytime in any place. This is why there is a map that was created on Google that shows you where the most dangerous potholes are in Michigan and allows you to add your report of a dangerous pothole as well.

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As mentioned on the map, potholes cost us serious money every year:

Driving on pothole-riddled roads costs each Michigan motorist an average of $370 a year, and the average pothole repair can run even higher," said Mike Nystrom, executive vice president of MITA. "And you can't put a price tag on the frustration some of these potholes can cause.

Will The City Cover The Cost of Pothole Damage To My Car?

According to the State of Michigan, there is one small shred of hope if you suffer pothole damage, but it depends on where it takes place:

Highway defect claims (including potholes) should only be submitted to MDOT if damage occurred on a state trunkline (M, I or US route), not local or county roads.

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Solutions To Michigan's Pothole Epidemic

Some ideas are made up but very reasonable approaches to having driveable roads and reducing pothole risks while driving.

Gallery Credit: Canva

7 Of The Worst Potholes in Grand Rapids, According To Reddit

Driving is already a hassle but when you add potholes into the equation, it gets even worse. Here are just a few of the potholes in Grand Rapids that you may want to avoid.

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