There was a running trend of "What are there More Of" on twitter and Tik Tok earlier this year - Are there more Doors or Drawers? More Wheels or Doors? (Most of them revolved around "doors.")

But how about a full-on, Pure Michigan edition of this game... are there more Potholes, or Construction Cones in the State of Michigan?

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Let's look at this constructively:

More Potholes

Harsh Winter Creates High Number Of Potholes On New York City's Roads
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There are literally thousands of miles of road in the state of Michigan, and only about 100 of those miles are smooth. The other "thousands" of miles are riddled with cracks, dips, and potholes that sink to the depths of hell.

If you fell into one, you might never see sunlight again in some cases.

And they are aplenty! My drive home alone, across town from the radio station, is all on paved surfaces. But, I'm pretty sure I take a full year off my truck's suspension every single day. It feels like an off-road course, yet I'm neck and neck with a Honda Civic rounding the curve on E. Michigan under the railroad tracks.

Potholes are so prevalent on the streets in Michigan, Olympic Mogul skiers could practice on them after it snows. They're everywhere. Thousands, upon thousands of potholes on main routes, let along on lesser roads out in the counties.

More Construction Cones

Construction Crews Work On FL Road Projects, As State Eyes Stimulus Relief
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The only thing that might rival the potholes, are the indicators of potholes being filled, or entire roads being replaced - Construction cones.

You might not put much thought into it. Yes, there's a lot of construction, and they use a lot of cones, but do they REALLY outnumber potholes? A quick drive down Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo might change your mind. SO many cones.

There are literally hundreds of projects across the state, and each one of those projects brings hundreds, if not a few thousand orange and white cones with it. Not to mention, each one of those cones represents the death of a pothole on Michigan roads. So where one side grows, the other falls.

But is it enough to balance the two?

What do you think? Are there more Construction Cones in Michigan, or potholes?

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