The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the great drink they call the Chubby Mary. Well, 'great' if you want a smoked fish in your cocktail. Meet the most Michigan drink ever.

The Chubby Mary is a twist on the traditional Bloody Mary served at The Cove in Leland's Fishtown neighborhood one of the small fishing hamlets in the Leelanau Peninsula. The recipe is pretty close to a traditional spicy Bloody Mary with hot sauce and horseradish. It's that garnish that sets it apart. Olives, pickle spear and a whole smoked chub, no doubt caught nearby in Lake Michigan.

Despite the Chubby Mary being an iconic drink in this remote tip of the Mitten, the All About Michigan History Facebook group was having none of it, when a photo of the Chubby Mary was shared recently.

  • yuck
  • Puke
  • Cant believe someone would buy any drink like that
  • If that’s a fish in the drink.... no way

But at the local Chamber of Commerce, it's something to be savored.

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