Take a safe, family-friendly trip to the past and see the classic cars just north of Marshall at Cornwell's annual car show.

Is your family still being cautious but you'd like to venture out of the house and do something? The atmosphere at a car show may be the right fit for some weekend fun. The event is outdoors and you can bet car owners will encourage social distancing if you get too close to their precious rides.

  • Classic Car Show 
  • Cornwell's Turkeyville USA | 18935 15 1/2 Mile Rd | Marshall
  • 9 am- 4:30 pm | Saturday, June 27

Look for coupes, Cadillacs, Corvettes and convertibles, fins, muscle cars, Model T's, Mustangs and everything from straight-up stock restorations to custom cars that may be hard to guess what they once were. Since classic or antique cars are generally considered to be those 25 years old or older, does that mean we will be seeing "newer" cars at these shows? Something tells me a 1995 Toyota Tacoma, Chrysler Sebring or Dodge Stratus is not going to have the same draw as a '69 Charger or '68 Camaro. See for yourself on Saturday and don't forget to check the weather. Thunderstorms may be in the forecast and these cars don't get driven in the rain.

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