The Western Hemisphere - most notably North America - is buzzing for the beginning of April, as an extremely rare full eclipse of the sun will cut a swath across nearly a third of the entire continent, in all three countries. People are traveling from each end of the U.S. to find the ideal viewing spot for when the moon fully darkens the sun for nearly 5 minutes.

But undoubtedly, one of the coolest experiences (unfortunately) is going to happen in Ohio, as the eclipse will perfectly align with the home opener for the Cleveland Guardians.

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North America's Total Solar Eclipse

On April 8th, millions of people will see one of the rarest occurrences in each generation - a complete solar eclipse over North America. The sun and moon will be perfectly aligned with Earth over North America for about 3 hours. The first signs of an eclipse will begin just after 11 a.m. CT in southwest Texas, and full coverage will cross the Mexican border about an hour and a half after that.

By about 2 p.m. ET, the complete and solar Eclipse will make its way into the Midwest, and should darken the skies almost entirely over the state of Ohio. And by 3:30 ET, the eclipse should be almost entirely over the region.

Cleveland Is the Best Place to See the Eclipse

Really, anywhere from Central Texas to upper New England will be prime viewing for the eclipse, but there's one place where the eclipse will be extra cool, and that's in Cleveland, Ohio at Progressive Field.

Technically, MLB's Opening Day is March 28th, but for fans of the Guardians, their home opener won't be for another 10 days, which HAPPENS to be April 8th - the day of the Eclipse.

Cleveland also happens to be RIGHT in the bullseye of the total eclipse that day, and the Guardians are taking full advantage of it.

Doors will open early at 2 p.m. ET so fans can pile into the Progressive Field to watch the full event. It should reach totality at around 3:30 PM, and be mostly gone by 5:10, when the ball club expects to throw out their first pitch - a full hour AFTER they would have normally started the game.

I'm not gonna lie, It would be a pretty cool experience to take in the total eclipse in a Major League ballpark, then immediately watch a ballgame. Kind of like the opposite of what usually happens, which is first the game, then the entertainment (fireworks). This time, it's Mother Nature putting on the opening ceremony... too bad it's in Cleveland, though.

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