This past February marked 30 years that I've hosted the Rocker Morning Show but it seems like only yesterday it was Thursday.  In all those years we've never been close to being taken off the air even in the mid 90s when I accidentally aired an unedited prank call that about every other word had F#%K in several different combinations.  Hope the statute of limitations have run out.  Good times...

Anyway, that time has NOT come but rather we will be doing some tower maintenance starting around 10:00am on Sunday that is scheduled to last 6-7 hours or so.  During that time you can listen live at or on the RKR App.  If you don't have the App, you can download it for free at The App Store or Google Play.  And once we can be seen together ask me about that unedited prank call.  It's a great story and, as I always say: "It's all about the stories".

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