Winter in Southwest Michigan is here and the Snowman Festival is on for 2021 in Gobles. They'd be snow happy to see you.

Snowmen will be invading the small Southwest Michigan town of Gobles in January. This year's Snowman Festival is January 10-16. The contest is open to inventive businesses and creative residents with warm gloves and a spare carrot.

Before anyone has a meltdown, we mean "snowman" as all-inclusive. Anthropomorphized piles of snow are not gender-specific. In fact, building a snowwoman might be considered quite inappropriate depending on how much snow you put where. So, call them "snowpeople" or "snowpals" if you'd like, or just read snowman as gender neutral.

There is no designated arena of competition, snowmen can be built almost anywhere in Gobles. You just send in a picture of your work to the Gobles Snowman Festival Facebook page. In fact, you don't even have to use snow to build your snowman. Entries will be judged in eight categories:

  1. Best Snowman
  2. Best Snow Sculpture
  3. Funniest Snowman
  4. Best Snowman Family
  5. Best Gobles Business Snowman
  6. Most School Spirit
  7. Tallest Snowman
  8. No Snow Snowman

If you live in Gobles, start making those plans now to work with what you have to decorate the town. If you aren't lucky enough to live in this great small town, make plans to visit the weekend of January 16-17 and it should be fun to see the Gobles Snowman Festival. Me? I'm due for a visit to Klassic Arcade and plan to grab some snowman pics while I'm in town.

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