Imagine the setting. It was the last day of the school year heading into the summer of 1989 in Comstock, a suburb of Kalamazoo. Luckily for us in 2021 and beyond, there was a camera rolling to capture the high school days of the era.

Our videographer and tour guide is Alex Pool. He walks us through a nearly full day at school from arrival to lunch and finally freedom.

The video condenses a school day from 7:30 to 2:35 into 40 minutes of last 80s bliss.

What may be most striking is seeing, perhaps for the first time for someone younger, or remembering was school interactions were like before the advent of smartphones. A fact not lost on many who commented on the video:

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I’m only 25 years old rn but I wish I was in this era. People nowadays who I grew up with are so socially awkward always buried in their phones. This was the last true time people interacted with one another


I'm 17 and I love watching videos like these. It's so fascinating to see a complete different vibe from today's schools. Thank you for posting it! :)


This is what it looked like without the internet. So fun and adventurous, and I dont think that anyone born after the millennials will ever truly understand the profound magical moments being kids of 80's and 90's

Others were mournful for the quick passage of time:

Watching this in 2019 would be like watching a last day of school video from 1959 when this video was made. Damn...mind blown. Because I was in high school in 89 and the 50s seemed like an eternity away. But heck, 30 years have flown by and it seems like the late 80s were yesterday. Especially watching this video. Makes me sad really.

The culture and style of the era is on display from Paula Abdul from the car radio (that had to be 103.3 KFR, without a doubt, right?) to the rolled-up short-sleeved tees to big hair and Guess jeans this is pure '80s nostalgia.

[h/t Comstock - Past, Present, and Future on Facebook]

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