Congratulations to Diamond Dallas Page who is the latest name announced to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.  One of the great's who made WCW stand out in it's final years.

According to WWE, Diamond Dallas Page will be inducted into the hall coming up the weekend of Wrestlemania.

I personally became aware of DDP during the late 90's when i began to watch WCW "Nitro".  I was always a fan of WWE, but because Nitro would rerun in the overnight I had the chance to watch the whole show.   I worked overnights at the time and that show along with the show, "Thunder" would get me through a couple of nights each week.

I don't remember watching any specific matches that he was in at the time but some of the more memorable runs he had was his matches teaming up with basketball star Karl Malone and  late night host Jay Leno. He also had many run ins with the various members of the NWO and a match of the year with Goldberg.  He also feuded with Bret Hart over the United States Heavyweight title.

He was great on the mic and his finisher (Diamond Cutter) had to be one of the best at that time.

I even remember the horrible WCW film that was made in 2000 that starred David Arquette and many of the WCW roster at the time called, "Ready To Rumble".   DDP was one of the better parts of that movie.    He also stood out in Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects".

In recent years Page developed his DDP Yoga and has helped many including hall of fame wrestlers Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Scott Hall (Razor Ramon) get their lives back on track.

If you haven't see it check out the documentary on Jake "The Snake" called, "The Resurrection of Jake The Snake".  It shows how Page and his yoga helped both Jake and Scott clean up their lives.

One of the greats of the last 25 years a much deserved induction for Diamond Dallas Page.

He will be inducted along with Kurt Angle, Teddy Long and Rock N' Roll Express during Wrestlemania weekend in Orlando.





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