I know it's early in the proceedings with the Coronavirus and we're getting information and predictions from every possible direction but we have to prioritize.  Everyone will have to make that list: don't go to Asia, stay away from big crowds, wash your hands longer and more often than usual, clean your living space and, well so many other items.  This is all very serious.  And now for something completely different.

According to fox17online.com, the Montpelier Police Department in northern Indiana posted a PSA to their Facebook page about the virus that is causing panic in parts of the world.

"Like many of you, we know that several of these popularly used street drugs have made their way into our communities from countries that are overwhelmed with devastating Coronavirus outbreaks, meaning your stash could be contaminated," the department wrote. "Beginning Monday, you can bring your Meth, Heroin, Fentanyl, Carfentanil, Cocaine and other illicit street drugs in for FREE testing!! That's right,...Free!! (for large quantities, please call ahead)."

The post has since been deleted, and the police department authored a new Facebook post.

"To our followers and 'likes' of our recent post, we appreciate your support of our efforts to do what we can to keep our community streets as safe as possible from the use of illegal drugs and drug related activities; not an easy task for a small department with limited resources," the department said. "And while the post was only meant to be a lighthearted attempt to raise attention to our efforts, it has become necessary to remove the post due to some comment contents back and forth between respondents that ranged from spiteful, inciting and vulgar to down and outright just plain mean; all contrary to our mission. Again, to those who support the efforts of law enforcement to help make this world a better place to live, we thank you. To those to whom harm befell, our apologies. Thank you."

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