Easy there, cowboy. The favorite watering hole for line dancers and country music fans might still be closed, but the rumors that it is for sale are not true.

Who knows how rumors get started?

And all this small town he said she said
Ain't it funny how rumors spread
Like I know something y'all don't know
Man that talk is getting old
You better mind your business man watch your mouth
Before I have to knock that loud mouth out
I'm tired of talkin' man y'all ain't listenin'
Them old dirt roads is what y'all missin'

-"Dirt Road Anthem" by Jason Aldean

Cowboy Up is not for sale. The rumors are simply not true. The St. Joseph County favorite for live dancing and live country music took to their Facebook page on February 9 to set the record straight.

Cowboy Up is not for sale. Cowboy Up will re open at some point but we do not have staff. Plus being closed for 2 years, there is alot to do to re open. Until now it is closed.

People would travel from miles around to M-60 in Mendon for line dancing lessons during the week on one of the largest dance floors anywhere and whoop it up with live country bands on the weekends. The venue's signature event was Cow Jam- an all-day music festival on the back forty. National acts like Steve Holy, Darryl Worley, Bucky Covington, and Randy Houser all came to Mendon to play for fans. Local and regional artists made noise all day long in front of the gigantic American flag on the massive stage built behind Cowboy Up

The restaurant in the front part of the building is open, but for now, the stages are silent. Fans have been supportive and are eager to get back in action on the dance floor soon. Remember: Cowboy Up is not for sale- those rumors are untrue, y'all.

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