There it is...feast on it. Cranberry and Pickle Pie. I get a lot of grief from my friends because I like tuna or sardines on my oatmeal. My argument is always, oatmeal is a grain, just like rice, and you wouldn't say anything about tuna and rice, huh? But I saw this on my social media. Cranberry pickle pie. Hmmmm. Double hmmmmm.

My initial reaction was not necessarily positive. But the more I stared at it, the more I wonder if this isn't at least worth a taste. First of all, that was the rule when my kids were young; at least one taste. And what's the secret ingredient in ice cream? Salt.

So why not. Now I'm intrigued.

So, it's not a Michigan thing. But salt and vinegar chips. Strange world we live in. And googling, I found out that it's not just a Utah thing, it's also an Arkansas thing.

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This recipe site says don't be afraid of pickle pie (this one is more like the filling of a pecan pie, but you certainly can modify and use cranberries).

Don't let this pie's name fool you. Rather than saltiness and acid, this pie is rich with sweetness, much like a chess pie. A slightly tangy crunch from the pickle, which tastes more like relish, comes through on the back end.  -

If you have a desire to try making this, I"m thinking you find a cranberry pie recipe and then top it with sliced pickles. And maybe use those sliced sideways pickles and not dill pickle spears. Your welcome. I'd love to know how this tastes, because, after the initial "yuk", it truly is intriguing.

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