Any time the Foo Fighters step onstage, there's potential for some magic. Usually, it's bringing up fans who hold up signs saying they can play this song or sing that one (or a five-year-old with some super sweet dance moves), but at the Leeds festival, it was all familial as Dave Grohl welcomed his daughter Violet to sing "My Hero."

"This has been a special trip for me because on this trip we have a new Foo Fighter in the band with us," Grohl told the crowd. Building up to the reveal, he said, "Let me tell you something — she is the best fucking singer I know."

Then, he turned his attention to a fan and told them this won't be their moment to hop onstage. "Let me tell you something, you can put your sign down," Grohl said, explaining, "You know why you can put your sign down? 'Cause you know who's gonna come out with me and sing right now? My daughter Violet is gonna come out and sing a song."

Grohl gave her quite the lofty introduction too, adding, "Ladies and gentlemen, the best singer in the Grohl family — Miss Violet Grohl right now, right here."

Right before kicking into "My Hero," the frontman informed the crowd that this was Violet's idea and invited them to sing along too, but cautioned, "I'll only be listening to her."

Watch the performance, which starts at the 3:45 mark, in the video below.

Prior to starting up the song, Grohl said he likes to perform at least one song off each Foo Fighters album. Based on some words from drummer Taylor Hawkins, the Foos will have a new album out next year, making it one more record to pull songs from when putting together the set list.

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