There's a new feature at the Dayton Airport, and if you see it while it's working, DO NOT pass by it, because you could be talking with actual celebrities in real time.

Recently, an unsuspecting TikToker walked by the Proto Hologram setup at Dayton International, thinking it was some kind of trick, when in reality, he was ACTUALLY talking with comedian Howie Mandel in real time.

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Proto Hologram has been working on this technology for quite some time. The product will beam real-time images, video, and audio, from one location to another. Which, on its head, doesn't sound all that special.

Except this is hyper realistic, and it looks like the person you're talking to is standing in the box, right in front of you. It looks like they're really there with you.

Well, Proto Hologram set up one of their devices at Dayton International recently, and beamed a live feed from their showroom in Van Nuys, California, to the Dayton International terminal, with Howie Mandel as their guinea pig.

During the test, Howie "met" Christopher, who was a former boy band member, and a current sober nurse, who came home for Thanksgiving.

"I thought that thing was fake. Little did I know, hologram Howie Mandel was in the house."

So the next time you're at Dayton International, and you happen to see a celebrity in a box on the wall... don't walk by it... because it's really them!

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