If you're going to do a promotion, do it up big. Biggby Coffee knows this, and an Oshtemo, MI location knew exactly who they wanted to get... Def Leppard.

So, managers shot their shot, and wrote to Def Leppard, asking to perform "Pour Some Sugar On Me," to help promote their new Brown Sugar Latte. This week... the band responded.

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An official letter from the Talent Group that represents Def Leppard arrived last week, addressed to the managers at Biggby Coffee in Oshtemo:

"Thank you for your inquiry.
However we regret to inform you that Def Leppard will not be able to perform "Pour Some Sugar On me" at your coffee shop to promote your Brown Sugar Latte.
The band is currently on their Stadium Tour.
While your offer of 'unlimited Bragels and lattes' is generous, appearance fees start at $500,000.
If this meets your budget, we may be able to arrange an appearance in the future. We do ask for 12 months notice.
We hope you'll make (it) to one of their concerts this summer.
All the best with your promotion."

Understandably, Def Leppard is out on the road right now with Motley Crue, Poison, and Joan Jett for their massive stadium tour, and that's not exactly a gig you can just put on "pause" to play a coffee shop in west Michigan.

BUT... I also notice they didn't say "NO."


Biggby posted the letter on Facebook, saying, "Well, we tried," indicating that they may have given up... but I think we still have an opportunity here.

Def Leppard's appearance fees start at $500,000. Oshtemo Township is only about 21,000 people, but it's part of the Kalamazoo area, which has a metro population of about 335,000 people.

If everyone in the metro area just contributed a couple bucks in the "Def Leppard Tip Jar" when they roll through the Biggy's in Oshtemo... we could TOTALLY get Def Leppard to come to town!

The band also said they require about a 12 month notice, which is honestly kind of perfect. It gives us time to gather the change in our couches and vehicle ash trays. Also, in a year, Def Leppard will be done with their world tour and need some new gigs.

It's seriously an achievable goal, and I'm not even kidding! LET'S DO IT!


Though, Biggby will have to come up with a new promotion for them to play for, because the Brown Sugar Latte will be long over with by then. Might I suggest the (Never) "Too Late for Latte," the "Hysteriaccino," or maybe a "Foolin' Frappe?"

(The other option could be to write to the Rolling Stones to promote the Brown Sugar Latte... just sayin.)

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