Let's face it, if you're a die-hard Lions fan, this season (like so many others) sucks. It had such a huge buildup with the Hard Knocks series in town before things got going, and there was some hope, some excitement, that MAYBE the Lions might at least show some improvement. Alas, they're sitting with a one-win record in a garbage division, with a mediocre quarterback, lacking defense, and deflated locker room.

This isn't fun, and FOOTBALL SHOULD BE FUN! So one Redditor took it upon themselves to take a losing season, and turn it on its head, making it fun to watch a Lions Game again, despite the losses piling up.

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Introducing, "Detroit Lions Bingo," the fun game you can play at home, even when the Lions are falling flat on the field.

Redditor "8dot12" posted this to the r/detroitlions subreddit about a week ago and said he'd had enough, like the rest of us.

I mean, the last time I tried to watch a full Lions game, I was asleep by halftime on the couch. Other than a few fantasy players in the game, I had no interest in fully paying attention. But "Detroit Lions Bingo" changes that because you can't miss a down.

It has a good mixture of good AND bad things that happen to the Lions during any given game, such as "Goff throws an interception" and "Aidan Hutchinson gets a sack."

And obviously, you get a free space in the middle with a frustrated Lions fan face.

This actually seems like a lot of fun, and I'd encourage local bars to mix up the squares and hand these out for people at the bar, too. Maybe put up some prizes for anyone who gets "Bingo?" (If someone does do this, hit me up... I need a spot to go on Sundays still).

I will say, there are a few additions you could add to the board may be:

  • Dan Campbell stares intently at nothing from the sideline
  • Touchdown called back because of a Hold
  • Announcers mention how Aidan Hutchinson was the first-round pick (bonus: take a drink)
  • Announcers question if Dan Campbell will have a job by the end of the season
  • Lions fan in the stand with a bag over their head
  • The network flips to a different "better" game before the Lions game is over
  • A fan caught in the stands in a "surrender cobra" pose
  • Fans boo refs on an obviously correct call
  • Dan Campbell says "This one is on me" in the postgame loss presser
  • Dan Campbell blames his quarterback for the loss
  • Dan Campbell Cries

Have fun, put in your own squares, too. Lemme know if this helps just a little bit Lions fans. At least it can't get much worse. (puts paper bag over head, knocks on wood)

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