The difference is, instead of watching those screaming fanatics on TV on two or three channels, you're actually in a crowd with those screaming fanatics.

Word is getting around that the Detroit Lions and the city of Detroit are finalists for hosting the 2024 NFL Draft "Experience". Not only would the NFL Draft happen here in Michigan, but also festival like events surrounding the Draft would happen here, too.

A little history first: The early NFL Drafts were simply business meetings, where teams would send executives to meet and select the best players from college football for the professional teams. (If you're a "draft-nik", you'd be shocked at how little preparation some teams did ahead of this, some even relying on annual magazines to influence their choices. (Of course, if you look at some teams now, you'd swear they're doing the same thing.) When ESPN came along in the late 1979, one of the earliest things they did was do live coverage of the NFL Draft. It looks primitive.

(BETAMAX - VHS - SUPER 8 via YouTube)

A few years ago, the NFL, never one to miss out on an opportunity to make money, took the event out of a New York City ballroom to cities all over the country. The Draft moved to Chicago for two years in 2015-2016, then Philadelphia, Dallas, and Nashville. 2020 was virtual due to COVID, and last year, it was in Cleveland, this year in Las Vegas, and next year off to Kansas City.

Which brings us to 2024, and reports that it may be head to the Motor City. According to numerous reports including Sports Illustrated, the finalist for 2024 are Detroit, Green Bay and Washington, DC. Green Bay is a wonderful football experience, but it sure would be fun to have it in Detroit, too.

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The draft experience almost like a carnival, with things for kids to do, like throw footballs, and complete other feats of athleticism.

You have to figure Detroit should be getting an event like this soon, as Ford is major advertiser on football, and while they are also an owner, the NFL likes to keep its advertisers happy. The NFL owners meet later in March and should decide then.

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