We like to celebrate Halloween in many ways, and one of the most celebrated ways is by doing spooky stuff. Whether going to a haunted house or visiting some haunted places, we are finally embracing how awesome the month of October is.

Another way people celebrate is by doing Halloween-themed photo shoots. There's an upcoming shoot in Detroit that's unlike any other you've most likely taken part in. One thing is for sure, the next time someone asks me if I like Smashing Pumpkins, the answer will be much different than before.

Malissa is an artist in the Detroit area and apparently, she'll be painting up people's booties this Halloween on October 30th & 31st for a possible photo shoot. Interested butts can email pebbles.does.art@gmail to get info on where and what time the painting will commence and on top of that, it's only going to cost $25 for the butt-o-lantern painting. From the flyer that was posted on Facebook, there was nothing but positive reactions to the event:

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Local Juggalo legend B-tthole Ben even showed interest, even with an excess amount of hair, this event shows no discrimination:

What do I need to shave for this? I'm willing to do whatever for the painter. If they can work with the hair that's cool too.

While others seemed interested, the jokes kept coming:

I think I need to become a professional photographer for the weekend.

If you think you want your butt painted up for the weekend, this may be the strangest thing you've ever done for Halloween.

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