As the Dodgers and Astros play the World Series, Tigers fans look ahead to a long rebuild.  With the forgettable year, the team was still rated high for one of the best baseball cities in the country.

According to the story at M-Live,  the finance website, Wallethub did a study on best baseball cities in America.  The City of Detroit came in at number 12 which is just behind Kansas City and ahead of Baltimore.

Fans of Chicago that city, which features the current World Champion Cubs and the White Sox, were featured in the top 10.

The list was put together by looking at the largest cities that featured at least one college or professional baseball team.

They also looked at the teams performance, how accessible the teams stadiums are and ticket cost among other items.

While all the pro teams made up most of the top of the list, cities featuring minor league teams and large college programs were also featured.

Detroit wasn't the only Michigan city on the list.   Kalamazoo shows up as number 104 overall.

Lansing,East Lansing, Midland, Ypsilanti, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Rochester and Mount Pleasant were also all featured on the list.

You can check out the full list of cities and details here.

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