The Detroit Red Wings will have to wait to see if they land the top pick in the NHL Draft.

According to Sportsnet Canada, The NHL has postponed the NHL Draft, The NHL Combine and The NHL Awards.

New dates have yet to have been announced for the three events.   The Detroit Red Wings would have the best chance to land the first pick in the draft.

It was a nightmare of a season for the Red Wings and if the team could land the top pick it would make for a better off season for Wings fans.

Forward, Alexis Lafreniere is the favorite to be the top pick.   The draft was originally scheduled for June 26 and 27 in Montreal.

The NHL is still working on how and when the NHL Draft Lottery will take place.  Hopefully if the regular season is over, the league will go by the overall standings and pass on the lottery.

If the draft lottery is held, the Red Wings would not pick worse than fourth in the draft.

The Red Wings will get a top pick. We will just have to wait to find out when they will get to make that pick.

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