The Detroit Tigers played their last home game of the season yesterday, and even though there wasn't much on the line, things definitely got intense.

The Tigers were trailing the White Sox most of the game until mounting a comeback in the 8th inning. After making it a one run game, Detroit had hopes of shutting the Sox down in the top of the 9th and pulling out a great win to close out their home season. Instead, tempers flared due to a hit batter and a hard slide, and the benches cleared for an old school basebrawl.

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I won't bore you with all of the details, but things got heated after Jose Abreu was hit by a pitch. He had some words for Lange, who was pitching for the Tigers at the time, but eventually made his way down to first.

During the next at bat, Abreu tried to steal after the catcher bobbled the ball. He went in hard and with an extremely late slide. If you're not familiar, this is usually how a runner will try to take out the defender to break up a double play. Niko Goodrum did not take kindly to the late slide from Abreu, and let him know about it.

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
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Eventually cooler heads prevailed, and both teams went back to their dugout without any punches being thrown.

The Tigers did not manage to score again, and ended up losing the game 8-7. This is probably not the end of this skirmish though, as The Tigers and White Sox will play their final three games of the season against each other in Chicago.

I guess all we can do is sit back and see if tempers will flare again.

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