Even though it’s technically still winter, it’s already starting to feel like spring. Meaning, we are getting closer to wedding season. Some people decide to get married during the winter season, but the majority of weddings will take place between April and October.

But it’s not just the wedding people have to think about, as some people have yet to even pop the questions still. When it comes to popping the question, obviously you wanna make sure that you’re at a place that is special and memorable, and for some that is the ballpark.

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Michigan sports have a strong connection to Michigan residents and the Detroit Tigers which is probably why betway.com named Comerica Park the second-best stadium to pop the question in.

To determine the best stadium to pop the question at they broke down the entire cost on average of how much it cost not just to get the stadium to help you pop the question but the entire experience, and found that Detroit and Comerica Park were the most affordable however, I have one issue with the following statistics as they broke it down:

Scoreboard cost: $75
Stadium ticket cost x2: $53.68
Stadium parking: $9.40
Overnight property rental cost: $159
Cost of a romantic meal: $60
Total score: 72.4

I Have One Major Issue With These Findings

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact they think so highly of Detroit and that we landed on the top of this list, but PLEASE, for the love of God, show me where there is $9.40 parking in Detroit. That's a fairytale. The Tigers have a better chance of winning the World Series in 2024 than you finding $9 parking in Detroit.

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