Detroiters might know the name Richard Wershe better by his nickname, "White Boy Rick." He served more than 30 years in prison for a non-violent drug crime in 1987, and was released in 2020. Very famous incident in the city.

Well, Wershe is potentially BACK in trouble with the law, and it all allegedly started from saying the wrong name in bed with a woman in Miami, Florida.

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Wershe was arrested last Tuesday, May 9th in Miami, Florida.

A woman, whom he was intimate with, filed a report saying he punched her in his Florida condo. Officially, he's facing a felony robbery account, and misdemeanor battery, and was given a $1,500 bond at his arraignment.

The woman who is charging Wershe, said the incident happened the previous weekend, but that she didn't immediately come forward, because she is not a citizen of the United States, and was worried about her immigration status.

But it's HOW this whole ordeal allegedly started that has us truly intrigued. WXYZ in Detroit has the details.

"According the report, Wershe said the name of another woman while the two were 'together.' That's when the victim moved to get out of bed, at which point Wershe grabbed her left arm and snatched a diamond bracelet and necklace he had bought her."

Fellas... don't do ANY of that... wrong name, grab a woman without consent, steal from them... NONE of that.

The report goes on to say that she managed to get free, but Wershe caught up with her, and then allegedly punched her. But here's where it all kinda gets a bit sketchy... there was also apparently a witness to all of this as well.

So... the two were betting intimate... while another person was there and just happened to see and hear it all? Seems a bit strange.

Nabih, Ayad, who represents Wershe says her entire story is false.

"The individual robbed him. When he told her to bring back my watch, she refused. When he told her bring back my watch or I'm going to the police, she beat him to the punch and filed a fake report that he punched her.
It's unfortunate and we have text messages to that effect.
We intend to file a motion to dismiss for lack of probable cause and show the court, this was a fake police report that was made and this individual indeed robbed him, as opposed to being a victim."


Apparently, Wershe and his lawyer are calling her bluff, AND coming with receipts, which could be bad news for this woman.

Literally none of what's happening in this story is OK, no matter which side has any kind of evidence, or basis in fact. NONE of this is acceptable... and it all allegedly started with the wrong name in bed.

So, let that be a lesson to us all... get your names straight above all else... and keep the receipts (text messages) when sketchy stuff starts happening.

Wershe had a movie made about his life as "White Boy Rick," released in 2018, with actor Richie Merritt portraying him as a teenager. The film also stars Matthew McConaughey as his father, and Jonathan Majors as Johnny "Lil Man" Curry.

Wershe became an undercover informant for the FBI during his time in the 1980s, but was ultimately arrested for drug-trafficking, and originally sentenced to life in prison.

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