Diapers can be expensive. Ask any parent. In some families, the decision between food and diapers is a weekly one. It doesn't have to be this way.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Kalamazoo in cooperation with the National Diaper Bank Network is hosting Diaper Needs Awareness Week September 24th through 30th. According to the National Diaper Bank Network, one in three young children do not have an adequate supply of diapers. The health risks are obvious, but not having enough diapers has a dramatic effect. Without diapers, parents can't get childcare, and if a parent can't find childcare, they cannot return to work. Saint Luke's provides a walk-in diaper pantry two days a week to provide families in need with a week's worth of diapers. They partner with Ministry with Community, Michigan Works!, New Village Park Neighborhood Network Center, Rootead, and Goodwill Lifeguides to supply parents with over 150,000 diapers annually. That's a staggering community need, and they are asking for your help.

During the week of September 24th through 30th, St. Luke's Diaper Bank is looking for donations (diapers and monetary), volunteers, and people willing to spearhead diaper drives. Donations can be dropped off directly at St. Luke's Episcopal Church between 9am and 4pm Monday through Thursday, or arrange for the a pickup of donations by contacting info@stlukesdiaperbank.org. It's really just that easy to change the lives of families in our area.

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