Years ago, a friend told me a story about her grandmother, a spitfire of a woman who always had big dreams of seeing the world. After the death of her husband, my friend's grandmother packed a suitcase and booked passage on a freighter that took her from port to port. She would regale the family with stories of her travels abroad, including the many late night impromtu dance parties that the crew would host in the middle of the water under the stars. What was supposed to be a few months' trip lasted years.

It's all so romantic, hopping on a freighter and seeing where it takes you. But if you'd like to stay closer to home on your own marine adventure, now is your chance to win a trip on a Great Lakes freighter.

The United Way of St. Clair County is selling raffle tickets right now for the 2021 Great Lakes Freighter Trip Adventure. Two lucky winners will each get a five-day trip on an Interlake Steamship Company ship. Raffle tickets are on sale now through April 29th, 2021, after which the dates of the trip will be determined. Only 3,500 raffle tickets are available, but at $10 a piece, they could make a great stocking stuffer for the seafarer in your life.

All proceeds from raffle tickets purchased will go to the United Way of St. Clair County. Click here to learn more about the raffle, how to buy tickets, and the mission of the United Way of St. Clair County.

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