Dice Road crosses a rural section of Mid-Michigan between Saginaw and Midland, and with three reportedly haunted sites, it is without question the most cursed road in the state.

Along the 13 mile (note that mileage, triskaidekaphobiaists) stretch of Dice Road there is a haunted cemetery, house and general store.

A retired Saginaw County sheriff sums up the Dice Road corridor:

Charles Frisby said the area...is weird.

"This Dice Road corridor is kind of strange," Frisby said. "We have the cemetery on one end and the Pomeraning home up the road."

The Iva General Store

A general store, and one-time post office in the ghost town of Iva is said to be the gathering place for a townful of lost souls who died from an outbreak of disease that doomed the town.

In the 1800s and early 1900s, the structure was a post office, general store and a place where farmers would come on Friday nights to listen to the boxing matches on the radio.

Paranormal expert and ghost hunter Steve "Prozak" Shippy, who also produces a series of films about "hauntings" around Saginaw County, said the town perished when most of the residents began to die from outbreaks of smallpox, diphtheria and malaria.

Shippy believes the spirits still frequent the home.

"Look at what happened here," Shippy said. "All of these people died from these horrible diseases. Their whole town had to be burned down. Everything. Bodies, clothes, buildings, church."

The Dice Road Cemetery

The Dice Road Cemetery has an example of one of the most common tropes in ghost lore, a lady in white. The cemetery is located just east of Hemlock Road.

a close friend told me about the ghost named Anna that she saw in the Dice Road CemeteryI was immediately intrigued. She offered a morsel of the broken legend handed down through the century about the ghost of Anna Rhodes Millerton; and I began researching the interesting details of her past and the hauntingly sad circumstance surrounding her suicide in 1830.

As legend has it, this lost soul spirit wanders the forest hills around Dice Road Cemetery in Richfield Township, Saginaw County. Here she waits patiently for her lover’s return, perhaps unaware that she had been dead for nearly 200-years.

The Pomeraning House Poltergeist

Pomeraning House
Google Maps Street View

A final Dice Road urban legend is that of a poltergeist that was active in a home owned by the Pomeraning family. The home is located near the village of Merrill.

The Saginaw News tells the story:

In 1974, this home on Dice Road in Merrill began experiencing strange events. The Pomeraning family who lived there at the time filed dozens of police reports where they described loud pounding on the walls, voices and even unexplainable fires. The Saginaw County Sheriff's Department was baffled. Michigan State Police couldn't figure it out and universities, priests and other agencies never found out what caused the occurrences.

Police had put the home under surveillance without the family's knowledge and researchers and police have stayed overnight in the home.

A year later, the case was closed after a fire forced the family to move. The mystery was never solved.

The Dice Road Documentary

The cursed Dice Road hauntings are the subject of a documentary by filmmaker Steven Prozak Shippy, who recently premiered a second film based on the odd occurrences on Dice Road. Check out a preview of both films and find them at the HauntedSaingaw site.

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