The early 80's was a great time if you are a fan of video games.  We had arcades, there was Atari, Intellivision and the many other various home consoles.  We were also lucky enough to get Mini Arcade Games from Coleco

At the time, these mini games were a must have.  I was lucky enough to have received "Frogger" for one of my birthdays at the time.   To even make it more 80's, I put a couple of Scratch n' Sniff stickers on it.  You can see the Cherry Cola sticker on top.

The game wasn't exactly the Arcade version, but it was so close it didn't really matter you had the game.

According to the site, 1981-1982 Coleco had mini consoles of "Frogger" but also "Pac-Man", "Donkey Kong", "Ms. Pac-Man", "Galaxian" and "Zaxxon".  There was also a LCD version of "Donkey Kong Jr." that was released in 1983.

Collectors items now and recently I have actually seen them in antique stores selling for up to $50-$60 dollars.   Still a favorite of mine that still works and yes I still play it on occasion.

Did you ever have one or more of these Mini Arcade games?