After missing out on the original night they were released I finally picked up a Nintendo Classic Mini.  Most of the games are great but here are five I wish were included.

Contra:   The sequel to this game,"Super C" is featured on here so I am curious to why they didn't include the original.  It would of been cool to play both games on this console.

Tetris:  I was more familiar with the original Game Boy version but it would have been great to have had a version of this featured on this console.

Super Tecmo Bowl:  The original is on here but without the licensing, so the players are not featured.   This game features more teams, more plays and it would of been great to be able to play as the Lions.

Double Dragon:  The sequel is on this console but the original is not.  I had the original for the old system wish they would of included the original on here.

R.B.I. Baseball:  Football is represented on here with Tecmo Bowl but there is no baseball game.   This was one of the best ones made.   Even if it didn't have the MLB licensing I would have been ok with any version of this game on the mini console.


Most of the 30 games featured on this console are great.  I just wish they would of added these five instead of games like Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, Bubble Bobble, Gradius and Star Tropics.

What games do you think should have been included in the Nintendo Classic Edition?






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