Growing up I had a friend whose Dad worked at a grocery store. He was always bringing home the newest food to hit the shelves like new cereals and pop tart flavors. Being his best friend of course, he wouldn't hesitate to share the new food bounty with me.  This was product that wasn't privy to the general public yet, so of course as a couple of 12 year old pre-teens, we thought we were something special.

We couldn't wait for his Dad to get home so we could tear into the newest Pop Tart flavor he brought home.  We would devour the delicious treats, savoring every bite like nobody's business. Life was good growing up with a grocers son and this perk, rocked!

What perk did you get to take advantage of thanks to the job your parents had? This was the question we posed to our listening audience this morning and the response was interesting to say the least.

From Mark: My dad had a body shop and was always working on the coolest hot rods and would drop us off at school in Corvettes, Camaro's and other hot rod machines that drew a lot of attention. Helped make me and my sister very popular in school.

Brian went a different route: Growing up we had lots of access to batteries. The house was always full of an endless supply of batteries for toys and many other household items that required batteries. Come to find out though...Dad was raiding the supply closet at work and stocking our shelves at home with stolen batteries...yikes!

Cindy: My Dad owned a restaurant so food at any time, any day, was always available. Surprised we didn't put him out of business by the amount of sheer desserts we consumed.

From Rick: My Mom worked at Mattel and was able to get Hot Wheels cars for just 50 cents. Needless to say I now own over 3 million (lol) not quite 3 million but I do own a lot.

What about you? Share your perks from the job your parents had and lets celebrate them as salaried earners and wonderful caretakers.

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